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Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed after your 200 hour teacher training?

Yoga teacher training offers a great foundation for teaching yoga, but developing your teaching practice is a journey.

Allow me to be your guide

  • Develop rock-solid confidence in your ability to teach a fantastic class
  • Articulate your knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics in a clear manner
  • Refine your sequencing skills
  • Cultivate the capacity to verbally adjust students
  • Develop the sensitivity to deliver subtle postural adjustments
  • Identify and place boundaries as a yoga teacher

You are in the right place (and that’s where I come in)

Hi, I’m Jen, a Yoga Teacher Mentor and Crossfit + Yoga Coach. I’ve spent the past 13 years studying with some of the best teachers in the country. I’ve gained a ton of industry-specific knowledge including anatomy and biomechanics, sequencing types and styles, and the ins and outs of the yoga business along the way.

What I have learned from those experiences is priceless.

As a Yoga Teacher Mentor, I offer personalized support for new teachers who want to develop laser-sharp skills, rock-solid confidence and become a sought-after teacher.

The yoga market continues to evolve. I’m passionate about helping new teachers hone the essential skills to teach intelligent, alignment-based yoga classes and navigate the sea of conflicting information on teaching yoga.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have the basic skills to teach a class but want to build your confidence
  • You want to deepen your understanding of anatomy, sequencing and basic yoga teacher business knowledge
  • You are motivated, hard-working and dedicated
  • You are committed to developing your skill set as a yoga teacher
  • You are open to feedback and willing to hone your skills in an environment of growth, accountability and support

This powerful one-to-one mentorship will include:

  • Three months of personalized support, accountability and skills-building feedback, completely customized to your needs
  • Review of three classes attended in person by Jen (or class recordings)
  • Once weekly one-on-one phone calls and coaching support (12 sessions total)
  • Three 90-minute private Skype (or in person) private yoga sessions with Jen to help build your personal practice to support you as a teacher
  • Sequencing homework and feedback on classes designed for the following topics: vinyasa, backbends, forward bends, inversions
  • Introduction to marketing techniques such as social media, websites, newsletters and networking
  • Monthly Kula Chats where you will learn from Jen and your peers, plus lifetime access to the Kula Chat recordings and a free pass to all future Kula Chats
  • Yoga Teacher Resources handbook jam-packed with time-saving tips, tools and tech to enhance your teaching practice

Book a complimentary session to see if you are a good fit.

Plus these Bonuses:

  • Grow Your Private Practice Mini-Mentorship packed with tools and tips so you can grow your one-on-one teaching private practice. Jen will walk you through the difference between teaching group sessions and one-on-ones so you can develop the confidence to craft memorable and effective private sessions
  • Email support for the duration of your Mentorship. Have questions post-session? Want to run a sequence by Jen before delivery? Need some feedback on a client? Email anytime!
  • For teacher in the Seattle/Tacoma area: personalized weekly apprenticeship in local classes
Details & Payment
Thank you

Please select a service and a date then click on the Find Appointments button.

Why should you choose me as your mentor?

I’ve spent the past 13 years studying and teaching yoga in two big yoga markets, Chicago and Seattle. I have thousands of hours of practice and teaching under my belt. I have provided mentorship to dozens of new yoga teachers as they finish their teacher training and beyond. I also have my fingers on the pulse of the yoga industry as it continues to evolve. I understand that to make it as a yoga teacher, it will take creativity, focus and drive. I know how to support you as a new teacher as you navigate this unfamiliar and sometimes daunting terrain.

How long is this going to take / how many hours a week will I have to invest to see results?

Expect a time commitment of at least 5 hours a week, including:

  • Attending one group classes per week. (Seattle/Tacoma area)
  • Assisting and teaching short sequences in one group class per week
  • Personal practice with journaling
  • Building sequences based on Jen’s weekly classes
  • Exploring anatomy and biomechanics via assigned readings and videos

I just spent all this money on YTT, why do I need a mentor?

The amount of information in a 200 hour teacher training is completely overwhelming. And you are just ONE person in a group of upwards of 20-plus people in some teacher trainings! The odds of getting your personal questions answered are not always in your favor. Not to mention, there is so much information that needs to be covered that there is never enough time to work on teaching skills, refinement of verbal cueing and physical touch. A mentorship will give you the opportunity to get more comfortable in your own skin as a teacher, get all your questions answered and also take your ability to teach group classes and privates to the next level.

I only work with five new teachers over a 90 day period so I can devote maximum time and energy to each one.

Are you ready for mindful movement practice?

Get on the path to a happier body and mind.

Get started

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  • "Jen is a truly inspirational teacher. She is constantly challenging herself to go deeper with her own learning in various styles and this makes her classes all the better as she keeps things fresh, relevant and interesting. On top of that, her personality ensures that class will also always be fun! Being a long-time student and past apprentice of Jen on the teaching side I can say that she has a great understanding of so many aspects of yoga and the opportunity to work with and learn from her should not be missed."
    Daniel F.
  • "Jen is passionate about yoga and has a true gift for connecting with her students, helping them better understand their bodies and explore new limits. Her thoughtful style of instruction quickly resonated with me. Jen is a sponge of knowledge from various schools of yoga philosophy and offers a why and how (and oftentimes a memorable anecdote) for every pose. She has not only taught me how to effectively manage my running aches and pains but has also helped me truly appreciate yoga's spiritual and mental benefits. Thanks to Jen, yoga is now part of my daily life."
    Abby B.
  • "Jen is a well-trained and passionate yoga student and teacher. Her enthusiasm for yoga as a way of life is transmitted into the energy of her classes. Jen teaches a fun, challenging, and thoughtful class. She pays close attention to alignment and takes the time to address students’ individual needs. Jen cares deeply for her students and is committed to their development on and off the mat."
    Angela D.
  • “Jen is a seriously skilled yoga teacher. Her directions are clear and concise, her sequences well constructed, her demonstrations empowering and she rocks props like nobody’s bidness. She’s irreverent. I find her refreshingly unique and real. She’s respectful. She doesn’t talk down to her students, boss them around, or hold herself above them. She’s playful. Her classes are intelligently crafted to get us somewhere, yet not so serious we can’t all laugh about it. She’s thoughtful, but in a simple, direct way that avoids cliché or woo. She’s knowledgeable and has had a ridiculous amount of teacher trainings topped off with a CrossFit certification. Best of all, she’s enthusiastic. Her love of yoga inspires me. I look forward to every single class."
    Colleen G.
  • "I started working with Jen privately to address chronic upper back pain. Through Jen’s diligence, patience and humor, I have not only eliminated my back pain, but improved my overall physical and mental condition dramatically. Jen has a strong focus on alignment in her practice and she is always able to adjust any pose or exercise to accommodate a student’s particular physical limitations. I have seen this not only in my private sessions with Jen but in the many group classes I have taken with her. Jen can work with students at all levels and make them feel both comfortable and challenged by her instruction. She has a great sense of humor and perspective about the benefits of yoga. I would recommend Jen as a teacher to anyone interested in exploring yoga and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with with her."
    Margot G.
  • "Jen’s Yoga Lab is a class format I really enjoy and learn from. Each week she highlights a muscle group or an area of the body to work with and a pose to focus on. She does more talking than in a traditional yoga class. The extra details she talks about and the extra awareness she brings are very beneficial for me. The poses are often ones we tend to have difficulty with or are hesitant to try. I took my 200 hour teacher training certification course last year and I have been doing some teaching this year. I find Jen’s knowledge and accessible approach very helpful for improving my teaching as well as for improving my own asana practice."
    Lena G.
  • "I’ve been fortunate to study, practice and teach alongside Jen for years. She is the teacher you want to study from and work with if you’re looking to improve your practice or craft. Her depth of knowledge and realistic approach to teaching is grounded in experience and extensive training. Jen works damn hard, and her hard work elevates those around her. She studies with the best, and that dedication is evident whether you take her class, or have her look over your sequence. Jen always shares that one piece that helps tie it all together, and it usually comes wrapped in humor and love."
    Lisa S.