Well, I am procrastinating yet again. I could be fiendishly pumping out more Pose Research Sheets in preparation for my week in LA at yoga school. Or panicking. Instead, I am sitting on my living room, enjoying my last few moments of peace and calm before entering the fire that is Yoga School – Noah Maze style. (If you haven’t met Noah yet, you really should).

I have already been through two modules, and I pretty much know what’s coming. Six eight-hour long days, confined in a small space with an amazing group of teachers. Working my ass off. Situated smack in the heart of Hollywood. And I don’t know how many of you have really been in the MIDDLE of Hollywood, but it’s noisy, busy and pretty much the antithesis of what yoga is supposed to be. It’s no wonder every one in LA practices yoga; otherwise, I think they would pretty much go cray-cray (if some of them are not already).

This training, while it will hopefully further my career as a yoga teacher in some way, shape or form, is more for ME then anything else. This 300-hour training, that takes me to LA every other month, is an opportunity to cultivate a stronger awareness of why I teach yoga, what I bring to the table, what I offer people. And how to make the practice clear, concise, to the point, fun and enjoyable. But also to recognize that it is daunting work, to partake in this art and science that is yoga. It takes time, patience, focus, awareness and a willingness to accept that it’s going to be really fricking hard at times. Hard enough that you just want to quit. Because the donkey work of the practice is NOT fun. It pushes us to our limits and can really completely crush our egos. But in a way that creates growth. Deeper awareness. Deeper connection to source.

I am so grateful for this time in my life. Time in which I can truly devote myself to the study of yoga. Time to do the donkey work. To hit my yoga mat every day. To fall on my face (more frequently then my ego cares to admit). And to learn the lessons that will make me a stronger teacher. A better teacher. A teacher that can help  lead students deeper to their own source. And to help them realize that when we make the effort, when we recognize and embrace our own humanity, that is a step in the right direction.

Wish me luck.