This week, I was inspired by my love of Iyengar Yoga, to tackle some serious standing pose work. I have always loved the standing poses. Standing poses really get you into your legs and grounded. What’s not to love? And almost every Iyengar class I attend spends a good 30 minutes (minimum) dedicated to the art and science of standing poses.

Standing poses seem deceptively easy. Just when you think you nailed your Trikonasana, turns out you don’t know shit about Trikonasana. And don’t even get me started on Parshvakonasana. Good lord, is this what opening your groins REALLY feels like? #ohmygroins

Another source of inspiration was a great blog by Michelle Marchildon (aka The Yogi Muse) entitled “The Pressure to Teach Hard Poses.” Don’t get me wrong; I love a good arm balance or crazy backbend as much as the next yogi. But frankly, most days are hard enough as it is; I don’t need to add the pressure of pulling off some cray-cray shit on my yoga mat every day because Instagram says I should. Michelle closes her blog post by saying, “Having the patience to explore our beginnings is another beautiful — but not altogether glorious — path to “more.” Which inspired me to really mine the beginnings of the practice. And discover some really challenging stuff along the way. Not to mention, I think people really enjoyed it. Or at least I think some of the groans said it all.

Tuesday, August 4

  • Sukasana on a blanket
  • Wall dog with hands on the wall
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana with hands on blocks at wall
  • Inverted L-pose (handstand prep)
  • Adho Mukha Vrksasana
  • Trikonasana with back heel on wall and strap on back heel that runs the length of the back leg up to hip – pull on the strap with the top arm hand to open the thoracic spine/chest.
  • Trikonasana Round 2 with back heel on wall (#strapoff)
  • Ardha Chandrasana with back leg heel up on wall and strap on heel that runs the length of the back leg up to the hip – pull on strap with the top arm hand to open the thoracic spine
  • Ardha Chandrasana Round 2 with back leg heel on wall (#strapoff)
  • Parsva Upavista Konasana with forward fold
  • Upavista Konasana with strap on ball mounds of feet
  • Sukasana on blanket
  • Savasana

Looking forward to putting the standing pose work into flow on Thursday. Until then, keep the #strapon and use that wall.