Ashtanga Invocation

For those of you who come to my Ashtanga classes, here’s a little cheat sheet for the invocation we have been chanting at the beginning of class. It is my intention to create an atmosphere in class that is playful and challenging, yet maintains the sanctity of the practice and honors the roots of Ashtanga. Not to mention, the body LOVES the reverberations from chanting. It fills the body with prana. And who couldn’t use some more prana?

Can I just say, that I love the fact that my students are really getting into the practice? While the way we approach it may not be the classical or “traditional” way of doing things, I am okay with that. Sure, many of us have trouble with lolasana and jumping forward and back. Navasana will always be tough (especially five times in a ROW!). But I view it all as a work in progress. A journey that may never be fully complete, but a journey that allows us to be connected fully to breath and body. We, as a community of practitioners, are getting stronger, more present and more connected in a way that works for us. So dogma be damned.

Here’s a link to Richard Freeman chanting the Invocation. There are also some wonderful talks on the Soundcloud channel by Richard at his studio, The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO. It is my dream, one day, to get there and study with Richard.